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HomeblogWood Plastic DIY Flooring
HomeblogWood Plastic DIY Flooring

Wood Plastic DIY Flooring

wood plastic diy decking

Wood plastic DIY flooring is a common outdoor courtyard floor. There are various types of floor types in the market. How can we select high quality wood plastic floor from thousands of products?

1.Water Content
The moisture content of any floor is the most important factor directly affecting the deformation of the floor. Wood plastic diy flooring is used to control the moisture content more strictly outside, and it is lower than the ordinary wood floor, so the wood plastic floor can be widely used by the seaside. Swimming pool near and wharf and so on.

Locking is a unique connection between the floor and the floor. The good lock buckle not only makes the floor installation and dis-assembly simple, but also can adapt to the shrinkage and expansion of the floor caused by the change of temperature and humidity for a long time, thus avoiding the problems of cracks, shedding and warping of the solid wood flooring easily appearing in the geothermal environment. When choosing the diy flooring, try to choose the clasp design on the four sides, which has deep buckle shape, high tension and cut standard flooring, and avoid the choice of small pulling force and no locking design as far as possible. Only the long side has the lock and the short side does not have the lock and the clasped shallower floor.

Finally, the wood plastic diy flooring is in the form of locking, very installed and low maintenance, only simple cleaning, very suitable for installation in the backyard, balcony, terrace, and other floors, please contact us directly for more product information.

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10 07-2018