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Wpc Product Introduce

HomeblogThe Advantage Of WPC Decking
HomeblogThe Advantage Of WPC Decking

The Advantage Of WPC Decking

the advantage of wpc decking

General consumer hears wooden floor we can think of solid wood floor, hardwood floor ect. solid wood flooring is highly environmentally friendly, but solid wood products need later maintenance to ensure its life and quality. Recently, a new type of wood flooring material: WPC Decking is popular in the market. (WPC )wood plastic composite decking as a new type of environmental-friendly wood products, less trouble in late maintenance and installation is very convenient. Next, we will introduce the wpc decking.

The Advantage Of WPC Decking

Wood-plastic composites are made from wood processing residues, waste wood, crop straw and other wood fiber materials such as waste thermoplastic (mainly hdpe) as the main raw materials through extrusion. A composite material formed by molding, such as pressing. Wood plastic composite not only has high strength and high elasticity of wood fiber, but also has the advantages of high toughness and fatigue resistance. It is a new type of wood material which is not only similar to wood but also overcome wood disadvantages.

Wood plastic composite decking is the biggest feature of environmental protection, even in bad weather will not deform, In addition, WPC decking we have different product models and color can be options, of course, it low maintenance and long life.

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15 07-2018