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Affordable PVC Fence Panels

At present, the vast majority of domestic use of steel and iron fence , it can not overcome surface roughness and corrosion shortcoming, we often see the situation is the coating off, rusting , Color monotonous, without gloss . affordable pvc fence panels used in the metal profile extrusion coated vinyl plastic and plastic profile production process, in the surface section by adding different proportions of anti-aging agent, stabilizer,affordable pvc fence panels have lots of advantages .

Affordable PVC Fence Panels Advantages

(1) rich color , smooth surface, is the most decorative fence series of products.
(2) have sufficient strength. With a much better than the strength and toughness of the wood,durable and strong.
(3) installation is simple and fast. The use of patented socket connector for installation, can greatly improve the installation speed.
(4) do not need painting and maintenance.
(5) tough than wood, and more flexible and high impact resistance.
(6) long service life. PVC fence to ensure that the service life of more than 15 years. As a result of special formulations and special anti-ultraviolet absorbent, it will not fade, peeling, cracking, blistering, and moth-eaten.
(7) due to no maintenance, eliminating the maintenance and management of the overall cost of the trouble and lower than the wood and steel fence.

Affordable pvc fence panels have different color can be option , can made into may height according to customer requirements , we supply free sample and build distributor in different country .

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21 02-2017