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HomeblogBest Synthetic Teak Decking Material

Best Synthetic Teak Decking Material

Best Synthetic Teak Decking MaterialDo you know what is synthetic teak decking material , teak decking is a tropical rain forest, mainly grown in Southeast Asia, the bending resistance is good, very wear-resistant, air-dry density of 0.65g / cm3 (dry wood weight of about 650 kg / m 3). Under the sun and rain wet without large weather circumstances changes , synthetic teak decking material will not crack; water, fire and strong; resistant to termites and insects of different waters of the sea food, extremely corrosion-resistant. have good drying properties, glue, paint, wax good performance, in addition ,It is a non-porous material that has a very similar look to natural teak,so is best synthetic teak decking material .

Synthetic Teak Decking Better Than Natural Teak Decking ?

Many boat owners choose synthetic decking material have a variety of reasons. because of synthetic teak decking provides the look of real teak and feels very similar to it as well. Corrosion, wear, shiny as new, beautiful patterns, elegant looking, good stability, Is the best synthetic teak decking for boat. at the same time. synthetic teak decking have less maintenance and is simple to clean, even if It can also be more durable in adverse weather conditions, at the same time can UV resistant, is an environmentally friendly option,As the best material synthetic teak decking for boat, it can avoiding the splinters and cuts that natural teak question. One of the best benefits is it is immune to rot and insect damage. Make your boating experience more comfortable and enjoyable by using synthetic teak boat decking. If you are looking for an easier option to maintain your boat , Seven Trust is your best choice.

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11 06-2017