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Characteristics Of WPC Flooring

characteristics of wpc flooring
Wpc flooring is the result of wood powder + polyethylene synthesis, the appearance looks like wood, but also can be sawn, in practice it is a better use than traditional wood materials, they have lots of advantages:

Water Resistance
if u use floor for house, maybe u will fear of the floor will swollen and expanded water, in a humid environment over time, it is easy to rot, so the traditional wood will not be used in easy to wet place. Wood plastic board have the moisture-proof features, overcome traditional wood shortcoming, can be used for outdoor, villas, dock ect.

Insect Resistance
Traditional wood board We also need to worry about a problem is the pest control, termite, but the wood is not the traditional sense of wood, do not have to worry about attracting ants and other eating grazing board, resulting in wood hollow phenomenon.

Color Diversity
WPC and traditional wood, wood flooring in the production process to add other additives and colors can change the color of wpc board, which can be customized according to their own personality to choose different color.

WPC flooring has such excellent characteristics, become a new generation of outdoor decoration materials. In terms of decorative aesthetic point of view or from the consumer spending, is a good decorative material, but also a new generation of environmentally friendly materials. Shanghai seven trust industry is a professional outdoor wood plastic flooring manufacturer, the annual export more than 100 countries and regions, we always committed to customers supply the best products, the purchase of WPC Flooring from Shanghai seven trust.


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10 07-2017