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HomeblogChina Plastic Wood Composite Material Market
HomeblogChina Plastic Wood Composite Material Market

China Plastic Wood Composite Material Market

china plastic wood composite material

At present , China plastic wood composite material production enterprises are mainly exported , the main market is in Europe . The North American market is the first to develop , and at present , Asia and other regions have developed the fastest in recent years .

Plastic wood composites have excellent aging resistance and are widely used in outdoor decoration. It is expected that the volume of foreign orders for Chinese plastics and wood composites in 2018 will remain at an annual growth rate of about 30%. Now the plastic wood composite material enters the fast development period. Products more mature, rich, some new products such as PE co-extrusion coating products such as PVC foaming fast wall board and so on, will drive the whole industry faster development. In the future, the Chinese-made plastic-wood composites will occupy a larger market share on the international market.

1. Market Aspects
According to the feedback from the main domestic export enterprises, foreign major buyers and raw material suppliers, the international market has a large growth.

2.Product Structure and New Product Development

In the past year, the development of new plastic wood composite material products has developed rapidly, and the manufacturers of various products have generally increased the strength of developing new products. As can be seen from the exhibition, quite a number of enterprises have launched new products with their own characteristics.

In order to improve the performance and appearance of the composite wood products, the application of the surface coating engineering plastics technology and the on-line embossing technology contributed to the production of the second generation PE matrix plastic-wood composites. With the R & D and promotion of our enterprises, the second generation PE based composites will replace the first generation products in large quantities, and make our composites reach the international advanced level. Foaming and co-extrusion technology will be the development direction of PE based plastic-wood composites in the future, solve the problem of lightweight products, greatly improve the weathering resistance, and reduce the cost of raw material formulation.

At present, Shanghai Seven Trust Industrial Co., Ltd. Exports the composite wood material more than 100 countries, such as Europe, Asia, Middle East, America and so on. In the future, we will continue to expand our market and supply better products to our customers at home and abroad.

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10 07-2018