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HomeblogChoose PVC Floor Method
HomeblogChoose PVC Floor Method

Choose PVC Floor Method

choose pvc floor method

PVC floor is made of PVC material. It is now widely used in home decoration. At present, the marke have different brands, thickness of different prices pvc flooring, So how do we choose the right floor?

How To Choose Right PVC Floor?

Now everyone pay more attention to their health, so when we choose the pvc floor, the first consideration it whether environmentally friendly. It is suggested choose the E0 / E1 class flooring, which is more environmentally friendly and does not endanger human health. PVC flooring is very environmentally friendly because flooring is made of natural materials such as PVC and calcium carbonate powder, and there is no formaldehyde at all. And most of the PVC floor is made from raw material, the entire production process without any harmful substances.

PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) floor is not only more environment – friendly , but also has rich color and can be selected by consumers , and most of the pvc floor surfaces are subjected to special treatment , thus ensuring that the pvc floor has the good functions of wear resistance , dirt resistance and antibacterial and sterilization.

We have to make a preliminary budget before we buy the floor, because the price of the pvc floor is different in the market and we don’t know what type of pvc flooring we will buy if we don’t make a budget ahead of time.

Shanghai Seven Trust Industrial Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of pvc flooring. Our products are of high quality, very durable and can be used in different outdoor fields. Our products are environmentally friendly materials that meet the environmental protection standards of international and domestic flooring. with affordable price and provides the best service for you.

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09 07-2018