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HomeblogComposite Decking Customer Questions & Answers
HomeblogComposite Decking Customer Questions & Answers

Composite Decking Customer Questions & Answers

Composite Decking

Question: Has anyone tried cutting these to fit a rounded corner or something of the sort?
Answer: Yes!  They can be cut. I have a very large pool deck area and used this product to cover everything around the pool area. Many cuts done.

Question: can you put them on grass
Answer: Yes, you can place them on grass, dirt, gravel, etc. – just about any non-smooth surface. The surface area needs to be as flat as possible. Of course, one of the issues with putting on grass would be that grass might grow through some of the openings and need to be trimmed.

Question: I was going to put these over an area that has old decompose granite and is rather soft now. Would these hold up putting a barbecue on it and walking
Answer: Yes very sturdy

Question: Do you have issues with the tiles becoming too hot?
Answer: No, in fact they are better (not as hot) as regular hardscape. I have them all around my outdoor pool –which is in Florida. Great for extreme heat and sun. Good on bare feet.

Question: How well do these hold up with heavy patio furniture and a gas grill? Would metal table and chair legs cause indentations or other issues?
Answer: We love this decking….solid and able to handle the patio furniture and our gas grill. We have cast aluminum furniture and have not noticed any indentations in the flooring at all – and my husband is 300 lbs, so I think they are made really well if they can handle his weight and still look great. We feel we made a good choice in buying this decking. Good luck!

Question: Will this support a 8’x8′ hot tub??
Answer: Yes, it will be ok if the ground is cement instead of grass. The ground will take the most of the weight. In addition, the weight of the tub will be evenly distributed on the tiles.
An option is: put the hot tub on the cement or grass and then put the tiles around the tub.

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