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HomeblogComposite Decking Used For Patio

Composite Decking Used For Patio

Although timber has been used for patio applications for decades we are all aware of its shortcomings. For the first few years timber decking works well. However, after a period of time timber, will start to deteriorate and rot, with continual wet and dry cycles. Also, the walking surface can become quite slippery when wet, To overcome these safety and long-term durability issues, many people are insisting on using composite decking used for patio as a long term safety investment,composite decking not only beautiful traditional appearance of wood and long lifespan ,but also anti slip qualities are “second to none” especially in wet conditions.

Advantages Of composite Decking Used For Patio

1. Does not split and rot
2. Decking surface can anti-slip
3. Minimal moisture absorption
3. Easy to clean, save lots of time
4. Not requirement painting and staining
5. Retains natural timber appearance

Seven trust supply composite decking for patio is low maintenance alternative to timber, and is manufactured from plastic and reclaimed wood, and is easily installed with usual woodworking tools. at the same time, with the technology improvement , currently, composite decking can sunlight resistance and waterproof, can widely application in different place.

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23 03-2017