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Custom Made Affordable Wall Panel

Ecological wood plastic composite wall panel as a wall decoration materials, can be used in various areas of housing, such as interior walls, TV backdrop, partitions, shutters and more. custom made affordable wall panel with rich color and good texture, touch and decorative effect on far more than other product, Suitable for residential, office buildings, hotels, clubs, auditoriums, etc.

Wood plastic wall panel as the most popular new type green products, the main raw material is wood fiber, and totally does not contain a binder, to eliminate the hazards of formaldehyde, benzene, is an environmentally friendly and affordable products. it not only to overcome the traditional wood wall panel easy crack, fade, short life shortcomings, and wpc have easy construction, long life advantages, have different specifications and color for users to choose.

Wpc preservative products after processing compressed wall panel prices to be higher, but it requires low maintenance and will not crack and rot under bad conditions, has high durability and waterproof features, and wpc wall panel products can completely replace the traditional wall decoration materials. The surface of the product can be diverse, the surface with wood texture and grain. Meanwhile, in the wood plastic composite wall panel surface can be custom made different decorative patterns, both to meet the people’s sensory requirements and more durable than wood.

Custom Made Affordable Wall Panel Features:

1. Easy to install and maintenance;
2. The wide variety of styles can replace paint, wallpaper and other traditional wall decoration materials ;
3. environmental protection, thermal insulation, moistureproof, fireproofing, soundproofing, fashion, beauty, easy to clean.

At last , if you want to custom made affordable wall panel please contact us as soon as possible, we will supply the best product for you.

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18 04-2017