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Easy Installation WPC Floor

easy installation wpc floor
WPC floor is a good product for outdoor landscape, about wpc project we have in UK, Spain, New Zealand, Qatar, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar etc, we export product more than 100 countries and have agent in different countries.

our floor easy installation wpc floor main use outdoor, it durable, long life and weather resistance, is a good product replace wood, use wpc floor usually for pool, terrace, yard etc, it price higher than wood, because it overcomes wood product all shortcoming and more eco friendly, but how to installation wpc floor?

WPC Floor Installation Method:
1, keel fixed
Using expansion screws to fix wood-plastic keel on the ground, the distance among screws is 450mm-500mm. The requirement is that the level of screw nail cap is lower than the surface of wood plastic keel. The platform need to be overall flat when making wood-plastic keel fix.
2, the assembly of the floor
Requires self-tapping screw nail cap surface will be flush as that of wood plastic floor. The wood-plastic floor space is 5mm (wood plastic floor spacing determined by the plastic buckle). Using self-tapping screws to fix the first and last board of the floor on keel. The rest of the wood plastic floor and keel junction points are using plastic buckle to connect and fasten.

At last, if u want to buy easy installation wpc floor pls contact us, we supply affordable price product for customer and professional in international transporting and delivery.

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15 08-2017