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Environment Friendly WPC Floor

With the continuous improvement of the family decoration requirements, it direct impact on the wpc floor materials, it not only beautiful and durable but also environment friendly.

WPC floor environment friendly  is mainly reflected in the following aspects:f

1: turning waste into treasure, plant fiber as raw material. Wood processing industry in the production process in the corner scrap, waste wood, wood, wood residue to fully crush and subtle, and polymerization of polymer materials, to maximize the integrated use of wood efficiency.

2: can be recycled. In the production of wood-plastic flooring products, unqualified waste, scrap more than expected, recycled wpc products to crush again processed into qualified products, its physical properties, surface effects are not affected.

3: almost free of any harmful substances and toxic gases. Especially the relevant environmental indicators: formaldehyde emission, benzene and xylene, VOC content is far below the national and international standards.Therefore, the use of chemical substances,

4: no pollution. The production process does not produce any waste water, waste gas, noise-free pollution, while cooling water is recycled, is the true sense of the whole process of environmental protection materials.

In addition to the basic requirements of the floor, the Seven Trust wpc floor natural ecological concept, always put the health, green, environmental protection into product development and manufacturing, is committed to the general consumers to create a natural and comfortable outdoor space.

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05 07-2017