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HomeblogHeat Cold Resistant PVC Fence

Heat Cold Resistant PVC Fence

If you’re looking to put a fence add value to your house , pvc fencing is suitable , because this type fence is very popular in market , especially in Europe , it low maintenance and durable , will not fade over time . at present heat cold resistant pvc fence already widely application in our life , such as commercial ,residential and outdoor, It’s can be customized and make into any color and shape , choosing pvc one of the biggest advantages is that it won’t crack , which makes it safe for areas with children and pets.

Heat Cold Resistant PVC Fence Features:

1. Pvc fence high-strength extruded PVC materials, PVC connecting member using injection molding materials. Smooth surface, touch, bump and will not injured.

2. No rust, no painting, corrosion resistance, so greatly reducing the cost of routine maintenance, thus avoiding the pollution of the environment.

3. Pvc fence styles to meet different model, style, simple, bright and lightweight .

4. This product has two kinds of screws and assembly, the assembly is simple and reliable. metal railing compared to processing speed, delivery date short, simple installation and low cost.

5. More than 4 times stronger than the traditional wooden fencing, environmentally friendly and heat cold resistant .

6. To undertake type structure, quick and easy, with good joint strength, structure is reasonable, controllability and quality of life are conducive to large-scale production and standardization of products.

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04 03-2017