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HomeblogHigh Social Benefits Of Wood Plastic Floor
HomeblogHigh Social Benefits Of Wood Plastic Floor

High Social Benefits Of Wood Plastic Floor

With the continuous development of construction, building materials in the area of Demand also increased. Wpc flooring is in such circumstances to enter the market, and is generally noted. WPC flooring in the building decoration industry more and more widely used by people’s favorite. WPC flooring materials and ordinary flooring materials are quite different.

Wood plastic flooring products can be maintenance-free. Wood in a year which generally needs to do maintenance or painting. And in the long run, the cost of plastic wood is far lower than the maintenance of wood products.
WPC is a profile, a lot of hollow specifications. Saving one lot of material. We all know that aluminum doors and windows to promote so popular, because it is hollow profile, if it is solid, then the price is incredibly high. Plastic wood hollow down part, although not so high aluminum, but also more objective. Hollow not only can reduce the weight, increase strength. Plastic wood can be hollow, and wood can not be.

Wpc floor surface is not required to do the paint treatment. General wood is the need to do surface paint or water-based paint treatment. That is in the construction of plastic wood is convenient, cheap.Wpc floor life, generally can reach 3-4 times the ordinary timber. Foreign data show that plastic wood can be utilized 10-50 years.

In the physical, processing, environmental protection and other properties are equipped with ordinary flooring cannot match the height of the Wpc floor, not only in economic efficiency, but also have the high social benefits.In the construction industry, the construction of the template is a large-scale use of a device, therefore, choose to re-use the template is a major requirement of all customers. Wpc building templates, the secondary use of its high performance standards, it will replace the previous template can not do the traditional demand point. Therefore, the wood-plastic floor, not only can greatly improve the efficiency of construction but also have high social benefits.

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09 06-2017