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Impact Resistant Composite Wall Cladding

Comply with environmental protection, health, save energy new trends, keep up with market demand, impact resistant composite wall cladding “environmental protection, health as concept ,” “high quality and efficiency” as the goal, currently composite wall cladding now widely used around the world, is a new type of decorative materials, in the Europe and Asia-Pacific markets is very popular, it also very popular in China, the product development prospects are very bright.

Impact Resistant Composite Wall Cladding Features And Advantages

1, fire resistance: acceptable quality composite wall cladding index up to B1 level , B1 class fire resistance performance is very good, second only to the stone. composite wall cladding itself does not burn and can prevent combustion; high-quality composite wall cladding in passive ignited would never harm the human body fumes, will not cause interest of poisonous gases, according to security department data : 95% of people in the fire harmed due to toxic smoke and gases generated during combustion actions.

2, waterproof: The main component of wood powder and fiber, it waterproof and weather resistance , will not mildew.

3, soundproof : composite wall cladding material can not be compared with a sound-absorbing effect, the sound absorption of up to 30 decibels, so need a quiet environment such as hospital wards, schools, libraries, lecture halls, theaters and other place ,choose wood wall cladding able to you provide a more comfortable, more humane living environment.

4, easy cutting and stitching : WPC wall can arbitrarily cut, and material can be combined in different colors, and give full play to the designer’s ingenuity, to achieve the best decorative effect.

5, easy maintenance: impact resistant composite wall cladding is very convenient maintenance , save you lots of time .

6, environmentally friendly and renewable: Today is the era of the pursuit of a sustainable development, an endless stream of new materials, new energy, wall cladding is the only recycling of decoration materials, it has great significance for the protection of our planet’s natural resources and ecological environment.


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07 03-2017