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Inexpensive PVC Fence

Currently, the vast majority use a lot of fence use steel , iron manufacture, whatever how to painting fence, can not Not overcome its uneven surface and easy rust shortcomings, we often see the situation is a rough surface, drab and without gloss. PVC fence using a metal surface profile extrusion coated vinyl plastics and plastic profile production process,at the surface and throughout the cross-section added to the large doses, different proportions of anti-aging agents, stabilizers. our company supply inexpensive pvc fence with high quality .

Inexpensive PVC Fence Has The Following Outstanding Advantages:

(1) Rich colors can be option , smooth and bright surface, is the most decorative functional fence products.
(2) Does not require painting and maintenance.
(3) Have sufficient strength. Much better than the wood strength and toughness, meanwhile Taking into account the strength of steel guardrail and PVC appearance.
(4) Installation is simple and fast. Patented socket type connector for installation, can greatly improve the speed of installation.
(5) High quality, more durable than wood, more flexible, and high impact resistance.
(6) For humans, pets are harmless, than steel, is more secure than iron fence .
(7) Long life. PVC fence to ensure the life of more than 15 years. As a result of the special formula and special UV absorbers, it will not fade, crack, and insects resistance.
(8) Almost free maintenance, reduce your maintenance expense ,thus making the overall cost less than wood and steel fence.
(9) PVC profile consumption is only 1/14 of steel, so it is a green and energy-saving products.

PVC fence commonly used colors are white, gray, dark blue and so on . PVC fence variety, not only for outdoor , but also can appication in patio , garden, farm and so on ,the user can choose according to their own requirement purchase inexpensive and high quality pvc fence .

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01 03-2017