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HomeblogInstallation Steps Of Wooden Plastic Flower Box
HomeblogInstallation Steps Of Wooden Plastic Flower Box

Installation Steps Of Wooden Plastic Flower Box

How To Install Wood Plastic Flower Box

1. Use screws to assemble the inner and wooden parts;

2. Cover the bottom of the frame from the bottom of the frame;

3. Assemble solid wood flower box pads;

4. Cover the inside of the box with plastic film.

Relative to the wooden box decay, change color, easy to moisture, easy to deformation, defects such as color, not easy to clean, wood plastic flower box is not waterproof, moistureproof, insect-resistant, prevent termites, and is not easy deformation, not easy to change color by uv rays, easy to clean, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Wood plastic flower box plasticity is strong, can very brief realization characteristic modelling, fully reflect characteristic, and the color that can offer choice is many.

Walking in the city, you will find that the flower box is very harmonious with the natural ecological environment. Wood-plastic flower box products can not only meet the practical functions of landscaping facilities or outdoor leisure products, but also beautify the environment, which is deeply loved by users. However, when choosing a flower box, pay attention not only to the quality of the box, but also to its collocation. Next, how check out the flower box.

First, look at the quality of the flower box. The structure should be stable and stable. The plastic, ceramic and iron case should be smooth and without cracks, and the wood plastic flower box should check the tight joints of the wood. Surface should be uniform, without burr and bubble.

When purchasing the flower box, consider the bearing capacity of the flower box. Select the appropriate box size and material according to the plants to be planted, so as to avoid the structure of the flower box with excessive pressure.

It is very important that the flower box is used for planting flowers and plants. It is necessary to check the water permeability and air permeability of the flower box, which will directly affect the survival rate of the flowers and trees.

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26 06-2018