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HomeblogLaying Methods Of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

Laying Methods Of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

wood plastic composite decking

Although the wood plastic composite decking is easy to install, but to remind consumers of several rules should be followed in the installation of indoor wood, so that we can get a little experience in the dress room decoration easily at the same time.

Laying Methods Of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

1, wood plastic composite decking is usually used from the entrance to the room or from the side of the wall began laying to the other side of the wall is laid into the room Favorable.

2, the laying of the decking room ground to inspect and repair shop in the wood.Although wood plastic composite decking Waterproof and moistureproof mouldproof effect,But the advantages of Guangdong ecological wood manufacturers recommend live on the same decking tenants to understand in detail the resurgence of theseasons. if the resurgence is serious, we must first apply a layer of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil.

3, in order to cover decking more beautiful, in the laying of wood before we also do a good job in the planning and design of the axis, in the axis is the baseline for laying the decking Especially when the number of rooms in the same unit at the same time laying,The axis of the planning and design Important. Specific practice can consult the master.

4, on the laying of wood and plastic floor board should be carefully according to the product quality good or bad, the depth of the color sorting. Good quality, consistent color, as far as possible in the center of the house and conspicuous place, usually the scene master will be informed.

5, the beginning of laying the wooden floor must be very structured, smooth and strong.

6, the laying of wood plastic decking board, four edges of each board and the four corner must be parallel and vertical to each other, don’t have any mistake, because with the expansion of the laying area, the error will increase

7, laying in particular to pay attention to the vertical and horizontal direction of the board texture in order to avoid the wrong effect.

Finish the installation of lay wood plastic composite decking , we should also pay attention to the daily life care and maintenance.

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01 11-2017