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HomeblogLong Life Composite Fence Panel

Long Life Composite Fence Panel

Long life composite fence panel
with high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, rich color, etc., become a mainstream product used by residential area. The traditional iron balcony fence and wooden fence products easy to rust, rot , single color, the use life is short, composite fence perfect solution to the shortcomings of traditional fence, meanwhile with affordable price , Become a traditional balcony fence materials alternative product .

The long life composite fence panel main use of place: composite fence mainly long-term use in the park , bridge, water platform, community, villas, ports, docks, beach and other environmental and municipal outdoor landscape engineering.

Long Life Composite Fence Panel Features :

1, Composite fence does not require periodic cleaning and painting, because composite fence panel is low maintenance.

2, Composite material is self-extinguishing, composite fence effective flame retardant, fire rating to B1 level, does not produce any toxic gases.

3, Composite fence will not fade, because the entire section of the profile have joined the large number of heat stabilizers and UV absorbers.

4, Composite fence has become dirty, use water or soft brush to clean. Avoid scratching or rubbing the surface with a hard object composite fence.

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02 03-2017