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HomeblogLong Life Synthetic Teak Boat Deck
HomeblogLong Life Synthetic Teak Boat Deck

Long Life Synthetic Teak Boat Deck

Traditional ship surface are use teak materials, teak is a tropical hardwood native to India and Malaysia. Teak has many application. But over time, teak will be corrosion and rot, therefore many people look for new material repalce teak decking, pvc synthetic teak boat decking become more and more popular.

The Difference Between Natural Teak And Synthetic Teak

Natural Teak is a light brown color, the growth cycle about 50 years. synthetic teak using pvc material. From outward appearances,have natural teak synthetic teak appearance and texture,it very good to adapt to the outdoor any environment. It does not take too much time to maintain, you save a lot of time. The greatest advantage is that synthetic teak long life because of its powerful performance, can be waterproof, anti slip and anti-corrosion. Outdoors almost nothing can affect it.

Long Life Synthetic Teak Boat Decking Coverage

Synthetic teak boat decking will impress you, because of durable, waterproof and corrosion resistance features, Now in Europe and America, more and more customers begin using long life synthetic teak boat decking to replace the traditional teak wood. Every year, we exported products to over 100 countries and regions, our customers are satisfactory our product. our synthetic teak boat decking easy install and low maintenance, can save lots of time and money for you, if you need replace old boat decking, synthetic teak boat decking maybe is good option for you.

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15 06-2018