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HomeblogLow Cost Effective Wood Floor

Low Cost Effective Wood Floor

In the home decoration wood flooring is low-carbon and environment friendly option, the ground material is one of the largest interior decoration materials, but also the highest frequency of use, high proportion of the decoration funds and the main impact of the indoor environment of decorative materials, therefore low cost effective wood floor is economical option.

● Wood plastic composite floor is one of wood floor type, but also is good product replace wood floor, it is very high plasticity, durable, flexible, easy to install, low maintenance, it appeared unique product features, by the attention and recognition, performed exceptionally well in the floor market .

● Since the wood plastic composite floor in the process, material selection and paving processes are very simple, no paint and polish, so there is no pollution of the indoor environment, and not easily deformed and crack. Currently with people’s living conditions greatly improved, room size is relatively large, the floor area required is also increasing.

Low cost effective wood floor size, style, color is gradually increasing, while a durable, convenient features, becoming the first choice for consumers in the renovated bathroom, kitchen , living room, dining room, or outside of the ground material.

Low Cost Effective Wood Floor Advantages :

1. Wear resistance: with superior abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance capabilities.
2. Stain resistance: the surface of special treatment, with stain-resistant, non-slip capability.
3. Antimicrobial resistance: the surface of the antimicrobial treatment, inhibition of bacterial growth, non-toxic, safe and environment friendly .
4. Diversity: product quality is excellent, rich and varied colors , size can be customized.


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07 03-2017