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HomeblogMaintenance Skills Of Wood Floor
HomeblogMaintenance Skills Of Wood Floor

Maintenance Skills Of Wood Floor

maintenance skills of wood floor

Wood floor because of comfortable touch, natural material and consumers deeply loved, has become the mainstream material of modern ground decoration. As the important part of family decoration material, how should wood floor be maintained?

Maintenance Skills Of Wood Floor

1, Keep the wooden floor dry and clean: after paving the wooden floor, keep it dry and clean. When cleaning, use dry mop or wring dry to clean the floor. If there are water stains on the surface of the floor, wipe it in time.
2, Regular waxing: properly waxing for the floor can play a moisture-proof, anti-injury, increase surface luminosity and facilitate the role of cleaning, it is recommended that regular two or three months of waxing, the method is to use a semi-dry cloth to clean the floor and wax, Apply evenly to the surface of the floor and wipe it back and forth with soft cloth.
3, Avoid sun exposure: the floor as far as possible to reduce the direct sun, so as not to paint by ultraviolet radiation too much, early drying and aging.
4. Paint: after three or five years of use, you can repaint the wood floor with the same paint as the original paint floor, and then gently polish the wood floor surface so as to remove the remaining oil on it. Then clean with a clean rag, paint can be painted.

Wood flooring has both the stability and wear resistance of aggrandizement flooring and the healthy environmental protection of solid wood flooring, which can effectively solve the problems of environmental protection and poor stability of flooring.

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04 07-2018