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HomeblogThe Methods Of Using The Floor Cleaner
HomeblogThe Methods Of Using The Floor Cleaner

The Methods Of Using The Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaning agent mixed with the unique factor of brightness, and it can effectively maintain the brightness of the surface of the floor. Its excellent cleaning function could not only clean the dirt on the surface of the floor, but also increases the brightness of floor. At the same time, when cleaning the ground with the floor cleaner, it can also be killed the remaining bacteria in the floor.

The Methods Of Using Floor Cleaning

1. Remove Dust

The floor of any material, before using the floor cleaner, need to roughly clean the floor of the remaining impurities and foreign objects, and then use mop or vacuum cleaner to remove the floor surface and every corner of the house dust.

2. General Use Of Floor Cleaners

According to the material of the floor, select the suitable floor cleaner, before use, according to the degree of dirt, the appropriate amount of floor cleaner into the bucket diluted.According to the concentration of floor cleaner, water dilution 80-160 times, then clean floor, for stubborn stains with a small amount of dishcloth dip in the floor cleaner smear.

3. Methods Of Use Wooden Floor Cleaner

For different floor materials, use different cleaning methods, can not be directly washed with water, can be cleaned with twisting mop, if you do not know if the floor cleaning agent is suitable for their own wood floor use, Then you can clean a very small part of the floor as a test first.

4. Method Of Use Compound Floor Cleaner

You can use wet cloth or mop to clean up the surface of the floor. After clean floor open the doors and windows, let the air circulate and dry the ground.

5. Removal Of Special Stains

Grease, paint, ink can be used to remove stains oil wipe; juice, red wine, beer and other residual stains with wet cloth or with a dishcloth dip in the appropriate amount of floor cleaner wipe, different cases using different cleaning agents.

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13 07-2018