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Modern WPC Pergola For Garden

Due to people’s environmental awareness improved. Wood plastic composite to be best choice for home building materials. WPC  is increasingly being used in the daily life, as an alternative to wood preservative best materials, design modern wpc pergola for garden with healthy and comfortable, green, stylish, decoration and other advantages as target, is popular by household and enterprises welcome.

Modern wpc pergola for garden good performance, moisture water and acid proof, tasteless, fungistatic, anti-static, and without painting. This type pergola with wood as the main raw material, flame retardant, increased the safety of human habitation. currently Japan, South Korea, North America and has been widely adopted, zero formaldehyde, no benzene, home decoration is an excellent choice. In addition, wpc pergola uniform color, naturally texture , showing the concept of a personalized decoration. At the same time it has overcome the fear of water and wood pergola faded defect, save lots of forest timber, reduce pollution, protect the ecological balance of good effect, so wpc pergola is the best alternative to wood pergola products.

For consumers, the traditional wooden pergola easy deformation, hard maintenance, not waterproof, do not wear, fade, poor stability, the installation process is complicated , but composite pergola comply with not containing formaldehyde, water and other advantages, is an environmental protection, health, new trends in energy saving product and wpc pergola is mixed with wood fiber with plastics material fused together, is the industry’s most thorough reform, the most radical progress.

At last, if you want to buy modern wpc pergola for garden for you house, we look forward to cooperate with you.

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20 03-2017