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Nature Wood Grain WPC Flooring

Nature wood grain wpc flooring after many years of development, and now continue to expand the scope of applications, wood-plastic materials will replace the current home improvement in general use of wood materials, has good moistureproof, anti-fungal, anti-static, Compared with traditional wood, the biggest advantage is to protect the ecological environment, avoid pollution of the environment, without painting, can also be 100% recycled.

Nature Wood Grain WPC Flooring Performance:

1, the physical properties of wood-plastic floor: high strength, non-slip, wear-resistant, pest control, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, insulation,

2, wpc flooring environmental performance: environmentally friendly , renewable, non-toxic substances.

3, wood-plastic floor appearance: wood texture, good stability, will not produce cracks, deformation and other issues.

4, wood-plastic floor processing performance: can be secondary processing, can be sawed, planed.

Nature Wood Grain WPC Flooring Maintenance And Clean

1) In the laying of wood-plastic flooring, when walking on the floor is best to wear cloth slippers.

2) Secondly, it is best to put the furniture placed on the feet are placed on soft pads, so as not to scratch the floor wear layer.

3) When clean-up , do not let the sandpaper compared to hard things to contact the wood-plastic floor.

4) On the wood-plastic floor cleaning, the first wipe with a wet rag, clean up , then airing.

5) Special stains with special detergent clean and wipe.

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27 02-2017