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New Type WPC Material

WPC through technical innovation, new products, wood waste recycling and alternative development wood. Conserve natural resources, with natural wood grain and texture of wood, wood is an environmentally friendly wpc product.then we take a look at the performance of wood plastic composite.
1, good processing performance. Plastics and fibers containing wood-plastic composites, therefore, have similar processing properties of wood, sawing, nailing, planing, use woodworking appliance can be completed, and the nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties superior to wood materials.

2. Water resistance, corrosion resistance, long life. WPC materials and products, rather than wood, strong acid, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, not the breeding of bacteria, can not easily be moth-eaten, not long fungi. Long life, up to more than 25 years.

3, good strength characteristics. Wood-plastic composite material has good elastic modulus. Further, since the fiber-containing plastics and sufficiently mixed to fairly large hardwood compression, bending and other mechanical properties.

4, UV stability, good color performance.

5, good performance can be adjusted. By additives, can be polymerized plastics, foaming, curing, modification varied to vary the density of the WPC, strength and other characteristics, can be achieved extend product life, the special requirements of the antistatic, flame retardant.

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20 06-2017