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HomeblogNew WPC Floor Material Replace Wood

New WPC Floor Material Replace Wood

Seven trust supply new wpc floor material is through technological innovation, recycling wood waste produce new products to replace wood .not only saving natural resources, but also has a natural texture and grain of wood.

First, new wpc floor material replace wood looks beautiful, although it is not wood, but its texture is very beautiful and natural. Sometimes a scar above the wood, but wpc not, and its have high stability than wood, no cracks, no deformation and waterproof, have a lot of colors can be option, its color retention time very long, and glossy will not fade.

Second, it’s have excellent physical properties, such as high hardness , and not slippery in the bathroom, especially for children and the elderly if using ordinary floor decoration is very dangerous, but wood plastic floor is different, it is non-slip, is safety choice for your family. meanwhile, It is very wearable, anti-aging, not easily corrosion, these advantages are other flooring materials can‘t compare, it is also insulated, it has good weather resistance to high temperature and low temperature resistance properties, but also anti-UV.

Finally, wpc floor is an environmentally friendly new material, has good prospects for development, whether abroad or at home,already widely used in our daily life, and It is become a favorite building material and very safe, the most importantly is it can be recycled, which is in line with environmental consciousness.

I think with wpc floor production technology to further improve, new wpc floor material will be able to gradually replace the position of wood products .


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16 03-2017