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No Crack Wood Floor

Traditional outdoor building materials due to easy fade and cracking, and maintenance costs are relatively high, in order to overcome these shortcomings wood plastic composite widely application , wpc long life, rich color, easy clean, not split, is a new materials, affirmed by the customer. Currently no crack wood floor widely used outdoors, such as parks, playgrounds, beach, marina, etc.
Wood plastic composite floor thanks to a unique extrusion process, color can truly uniform and consistent. Over time it still looks good. You do not need to spend time to stain or repair. Compared with traditional wood materials, our WPC with natural wood appearance, eco friendly, no paint, seal, will not rot or termite biting, easy to install.

UV protection additives reduce the influence of fading from the sun’s harmful. With UV inhibitor plus matte surface, so that no crack wood floor color difference between the minimum. The use of highly reflective inorganic pigment will absorb solar minimum. Our unique production process is the use of a variety of cellulosic
feedstocks, wood flour and plastic resins. So our products are more consistent of the color than other raw materials,look more natural and beautiful, higher quality.

Finally no crack wood floor Material derived from the roots to prevent the destruction of forests and other vegetation, as well as be able to effectively control emissions of hazardous materials, reduce air pollution, WPC board is formed in the explosion-proof, waterproof, acidproof, anti-bacterial decay, anti-static, easy
construction, have strong weather resistance superiority other wood product , popular in wood floor market .

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01 03-2017