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HomeblogNon-Toxic And Eco Friendly Floor

Non-Toxic And Eco Friendly Floor

In today’s floor renovation project, consumers become more and more strict in environmentally-friendly requirements, the application of wood plastic composite flooring to become one of the most popular products, widely used in home decoration and outdoor,the wood plastic composite floor without benzene, formaldehyde and radiation, so it is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and low-maintenance.

Floor eco friendly or health depend on two important factors: One, the product with low formaldehyde , second, there is a certain sterilization measures. not add any dye to maintain the color of the wood itself; the use of more environmentally friendly low-formaldehyde glue, make formaldehyde content to a minimum; At the same time immersed in the floor added insect sterilization antibacterial materials, shanghai seven trust try to build non-toxic and eco friendly flooring in real sense.

With the enhanced awareness of environment protection and energy, more and more signs that home improvement consumers to choose green building materials has become an inevitable trend. More and more people in the industry have formed a consensus: environmental protection floor should receive more encouragement and promotion.

Choose non-toxic and eco friendly floor, enhance the quality of life , more and more become the focus of every modern family concern. Environmental flooring is a trend that will never change.” A floor researchers said. From the current perspective, the cost of environmental protection floor is high than other wood product, but is economical option in the long term .

The current mainstream environmental protection, health, ecology, energy saving, , the wood plastic composite floor will be able to lead the industry more quickly into the mainstream of society. Floor of environmental protection is not only a path of sustainable development, but also to ensure low carbon lifestyle transfer more and more family , at last if you want to buy non-toxic and eco friendly floor please contact us directly , we will supply best offer for you .

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01 03-2017