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Outdoor Wood Marine Pool Decking

Wood plastic composite widely application in outdoor, such as decking, wall panel, fence, pergola and so on, outdoor wood marine pool decking replace traditional wood single color, can according to customer demand for color, will not pollute the environment and 100% recycling, is the ideal green decoration materials.

Outdoor Wood Marine Pool Decking are energy-saving and environment-friendly products , easy to install and demolition, not only good control harmful emissions, and no formaldehyde. Because WPC combines the advantages of wood and plastic, making it an excellent and very durable outdoor materials, make deck more environmentally friendly. plasticity strong and rich colors, with widely specifications can be option , moisture-proof, water-proof and sound-absorbing.

The wood product easy to install, environmentally friendly, but also different products require different maintenance methods. Maintenance of marine pool decking and wood decking maintenance methods there is a certain difference. pool decking has good anti-slip, decorative, water and other effects. But easier have hair and other trash residue, so when cleaning decking with water. it easy to clean. if some dirt is difficult to remove, such as a large number of stains, need special cleaning product to wipe to remove surface stains.

Finally, outdoor wood marine pool decking has a wood decking surface gloss, environmental protection, health,anti slip, wear-resistant and durable, suitable for any environment.

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10 03-2017