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HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Flooring
HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Flooring

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

wood plastic composite flooring

The production of wood plastic composite flooring uses a variety of environmentally friendly wood fibers and various additives, so that the products can not fade, split and protect against ultraviolet rays. We strictly comply with the national production standards of the flooring industry, all the indicators are within the safe range. To provide consumers with the most environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite floor.

Advantages Of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

1.  In the market of wood plastic composite flooring durable, low water absorption so that the flooring with high stability.

2. Wood plastic floor have varieties color, a lot of categories, the texture of the floor is not the same, allowing consumers to choose more space. The price, compared with the real wood floor price, but also more affordable, suitable for popular household use, deeply loved by home users.

3. Composite flooring although not solid wood floor comfortable foot feeling, wood softness. But in the daily cleaning, the composite floor is not easy to absorb water, convenient for us to mop the floor, to avoid the solid wood floor in the care of the phenomenon of warping, crack and so on.

4. Composite floor laying is relatively simple, very easy to install, so that the decoration time is reduced. In the daily just simple clean and maintenance.

5. Hollow wood plastic composite floor has the advantages of combination of solid wood and aggrandizement flooring advantages, good environmental protection performance, and is more suitable for outdoor space than aggrandizement flooring. And the decoration effect of solid wood compound floor is good, have the natural texture of solid wood.

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08 07-2018