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HomeblogPVC Floor Maintenance Knowledge
HomeblogPVC Floor Maintenance Knowledge

PVC Floor Maintenance Knowledge

pvc floor maintenance knowledge
PVC floor maintenance: the floor should be maintained for the first time after construction. The quality of this maintenance will directly affect the quality of maintenance afterwards.

How to carry out the first maintenance of PVC floor ? The floor in the construction process no matter any protection, surface will have sticky material, and the floor in the surface without surface treatment, these sticky materials will infiltrate into the floor, So that it is impossible to clear the sundries, to the beauty and effect of the floor to bring a direct impact. It is why the floor must be maintained for the first time after the construction, PVC floor maintenance on the floor surface to play PVC floor special wax maintenance, not only to increase the brightness of the floor and prolong the life of the floor, but also to provide convenience for daily maintenance. The steps as follows:

The First PVC Floor Maintenance Methods

1.PVC floor is completed 48 hours after the completion of the floor, the floor is thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. The contaminated place can be diluted with a cloth with a neutral detergent.
2. Remove the surface sewage and clean the sewage with a clean rag before the floor is dry.
3. When the floor is dry, Wax Waxing is done with wax wax. Wax water should be evenly applied until it is completely dried and then painted second times.

Daily PVC Floor Maintenance

1.In order to avoid scratching the PVC floor with the sand sole, it is suggested to lay a dust-proof carpet at the entrance and exit of the entrance to prevent the sand from entering the shoe.
2. Remove the sand and hard debris on the floor, wipe the stain with a dry wet cloth
3. If have stains you can use the PVC floor special cleaning agent on the floor surface, wait a few minutes later with a soft plastic brush cleaning, the floor wax wear place should be timely supplementation.

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02 07-2018