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PVC Picket Fence Cost

In recent years, pvc fence is widely used in villas, communities, courtyards, schools, factories and other building walls, flower beds, lawns, gardens, roads, riverside, balcony ect, our company’s pvc fence have different Style is Ranch-Style,Picket,Semi-Privacy, Privacy and  Pool fence, they have different height can be option , at the same time the pvc fence can according to customer requirement make into any color.

PVC Picket Fence Application and Features:

PVC picket fence with bright colors, the surface smooth, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, anti-static, do not fade, not cracking, not brittle advantage. The most decorative effect of the barrier boutique, this product is used to embellish the courtyard , outdoor landscape, between City Boulevard, white bright visual effects, so make home, city and life more beautiful and more beautiful.

We use high-quality PVC and special additives from the production, its have different colors, the surface smooth, high strength, water resistance,not deformation, fully in line with anti-aging,maintenance-free and anti-ultraviolet and other special requirements.

At last pvc picket fence cost is lowest, easy to install and clean ,is an economical and practical choice.

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27 02-2017