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HomeblogPVC Wood Plastic Board Properties
HomeblogPVC Wood Plastic Board Properties

PVC Wood Plastic Board Properties

PVC Wood Plastic Board Properties

The products prepared with PVC wood plastic board have the following characteristics: the wood-plastic composite material is based on polyvinyl chloride and wood fiber, which determines its own characteristics of plastics and wood.

1) Good processing performance Wood plastic composite containing plastic and fiber, therefore, has a similar with wood processing performance, sawing, nailing, plane, use woodworking tools to complete, and the power that grasp a hammer is superior to other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties are superior to wood materials. The grip is usually three times as strong as wood and five times as strong as the particleboard.
2) PVC wood plastic board with good strength and performance contain plastics, so they have good elastic modulus. In addition, because it contains fiber and is fully mixed with plastic, it has the same physical and mechanical properties as hardwood, such as compression and bending, and its durability is obviously better than that of ordinary wood materials. The surface hardness is high, general is 2-5 times of wood.
3) Water resistance, corrosion performance, service life long wood plastic materials and its products compared with wood, strong acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and do not breed bacteria, not easy to be eat by moth, not long fungus. Long service life, up to 15 years.
4) Excellent performance can be adjusted With additives, plastic can change polymerization, foaming and curing, modified, which changes of wood plastics material features such as density, strength, can also achieve the anti-aging, antistatic, flame retardant and other special requirements.
5) Good stability and coloring of ultraviolet light.
6) Its greatest advantage is to turn waste into treasure, and can be recycled and reproduced 100%. Can decompose, won’t cause “white pollution”, it is true green environmental protection product.
7) PVC wood plastic board raw material sources in the production of wood plastic composite plastic raw materials are mainly high density polyethylene or polypropylene, wood fiber can be wood powder, chaff or wood fiber, also need a small amount of additives and other processing AIDS.
8) can be made into any shape and size as required.

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22 06-2018