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HomeblogThe Skill To Assemble Fence

The Skill To Assemble Fence

the skills to assemble wpc fences

Nowadays more and more WPC fence are adopted, so many consumers would doubt if there were any skills to assemble WPC fences.

1. The expansion and shrink of WPC material in various temperature should be taken into account, so it is reasonable to have enough room when make joint.

2. When assemble bolts to ground, first bury one iron plate into concrete, then sold or screw bottom iron plate of bolt together with it.

3. Provided the total length of fence is more than 300 meters, building transition bolts should be taken into consideration.

4. The choice of fence style and its material spec. is closely related with span of WPC fence.

5. Some WPC fence could be assembled directly on ground, please pay attention to the surface of preventing scratch them.

6. Good appearance should be ensured on premise of assembly stability, and also pay attention to the location of screws. The threaded hole should be hidden inside to make the appearance looks good.

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08 09-2017