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HomeblogSolid Wood Composite Flooring

Solid Wood Composite Flooring

Solid wood composite flooring is made of wood plastic composite material, and has the same processing characteristics of wood, very easy to install, you can use the same as ordinary wood. flooring with natural wood grain beauty, barefoot friendly noise insulation, etc., while overcoming the solid wood flooring easy deformation shortcomings , but also have different specifications, making it to be high performance and very durable products.

Solid Wood Composite Flooring Maintenance

Solid wood composite flooring compared to solid wood flooring is much simpler, in the daily use and maintenance should be following:
1. To keep the floor dry and clean, do not allow alkaline wipe, so as not to damage the floor surface gloss;
2. Solid wood flooring need to avoid sun exposure, so as not to surface long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation in advanced aging , but composite flooring is uv resistance , will not fade over time.
3. Inadvertent part of the board surface stains should be promptly removed, if oil, can be used a small amount of cloth dipped in warm water dipped in cleaning agent scrub, if drugs or pigments, must be removed stains as soon as possible .
4. Floor to avoid prolonged contact with water, in particular, can not be in contact with hot water, therefore, once the hot water sprinkled on the floor, it is necessary make it
dry timely.
5. Avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor.

Solid wood composite flooring does not contain toxic Substances, dangerous chemical content or preservatives , is high quality and eco friendly product for consumer .

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24 02-2017