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HomeblogSoundproof WPC Wall Panel On Sale

Soundproof WPC Wall Panel On Sale

When you look at some wall panel have wood appearance but actually not wood material, wood plastic composite for the lots of people this is new soundproof wall panel material, they use 55% wood powder , 35% HDPE and 10% additives, If you are thinking about add to your home is best materials option, then you can’t miss this type wpc material.

WPC external wall panel applications, make the building look natural and simple appearance, can resist all kinds of bad weather, fire-retardant ,anti-corrosion and easy to install. Whether in the production process or in the engineering practice, will not pollute the environment and material can be recycled, it is the ideal green decoration materials.

Soundproof WPC Wall Panel Advantages:

1. Soundproof wpc wall panel appearance have different wood grain, with natural wood beauty, variety of different colors can be option. Other quality can be combined with the use of wall decoration materials, gives a perfect visual enjoyment.

2. WPC wall panels suitable for Villa, multi-layer, high-rise and the old walls panel , regardless of the old wall is brick layer or coating, can be applied directly over the old wall. Wide range of applications, easy to install, virtually weatherproof. solid and reliable, while saving time and labor, shorten the construction period, greatly reducing installation costs.

3. WPC wall panel and insulation board with even more seamless, wpc wall panel using a highly efficient, long-lasting UV stabilizer consisting of a special composite material, anti-aging, anti-radiation and soundproof, can resist all kinds of weather, under the influence of natural weathering can look as new, and product life more than two decades.

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08 03-2017