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HomeblogSynthetic Teak Boat Decking

Synthetic Teak Boat Decking

Synthetic Teak Boat Decking
Teak is to create all kinds of furniture, flooring, interior decoration best materials. For shipbuilding, open-air buildings, bridges, etc., teak especially suitable for manufacturing boat deck. For a variety of chemical substances have strong corrosion resistance, Due to teak special material characteristics, so generally do not need special daily care, you do not need to wipe any care, cleaning fluid, usually just with water soaked rag to clean up. Therefore widely used in wood products field.

Synthetic Teak Decking Advantages

1, Synthetic teak boat decking itself contains natural grapefruit fragrance taste, can effectively purify the air and relieve tension.
2, Texture detail beautiful: beautiful ink lines, after overall renovation constitutes a mix of natural textures. it not only durable, waterproof, excellent texture: synthetic teak boat decking has good resistance to weathering and highly corrosion resistance, whatever in different weather not easily deformed, have a variety of advantages.
3, Synthetic teak boat decking use longer will be more smooth: synthetic teak boat decking surface is very smooth and meticulous, making it more bright and lasting. whatever in various environments is not easy deformation, corrosion and cracking, synthetic teak boat decking possess wood flooring both strong and flexible, and good stability.
4,Shrinkage is small, it is difficult to leak, the expansion and contraction of the smallest of all the wood.
5, Using the longer will be the golden color: the color of its planed surface through photosynthesis oxidation from golden yellow, the color is more beautiful with time.

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12 06-2017