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HomeblogThe Development New Directions Of WPC

The Development New Directions Of WPC

Brief introduction
wood plastic composite application can save a lot of natural wood, help protect the environment, because of the natural fiber ingredients, wood has better resistance to UV (ultraviolet) performance and lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and like timber as easy to process. WPC as an environmentally friendly new material attract the people’s attention.
WPC Advantages
Wood plastic floor into the building materials industry in a new direction, waterproof high environmental protection, wood floors also incorporate the advantages of plant fiber and plastic polymer materials, can replace a lot of wood, which can effectively reduce deforestation resources is a highly promising low-carbon, green, recyclable products.
Renewable ecological wood materials. WPC is a new alternative to wood materials, plant fiber-based material, a new type of synthetic plastic composite materials, along with the advantages of plant fiber and plastic for a wide range, covering almost all wood, plastic, steel , aluminum and other similar fields of use of composite materials, but also solve the plastic timber industry waste resources recycling issues.
The main features: raw material resources, products plasticization, using environmentally friendly, cost-oriented economy, recycling technology.

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30 06-2017