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The Ecological Value Of WPC

With China’s low-carbon economy in depth, wpc material is in line with the national energy-saving emission reduction, the general trend of circular economy, highlights the great potential. China has become the world’s second largest producer of wpc. And is increasing speed, experts predict that China will become the first wpc producer.

With the wpc in China is widely recognized and began to adopt, as we all know wpc low-carbon and environmental protection, which is also called wpc material ecological wood . According to a rough estimate, the production of a ton of wpc materials, the equivalent of less cutting 1.5 trees 30 years old eucalyptus, reduce 60,000 waste plastic bags pollution, reducing 114 acres of farmland residues of plastic film hidden, has a very significant ecological environment Efficiency, is a veritable low-carbon industry.

Wpc is low-carbon not only reflected in environmental benefits, but also in the affinity of mankind, although the performance of wood to make a breakthrough, with antiseptic wood preservative insect-resistant properties, even in the stability and resistance aging ability even better than wood. But from the WPC advanced production technology, wpc is no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, is a real low-carbon eco-new materials.

Shanghai seven trust Industrial Co., Ltd. as China’s leading enterprises in wpc industry. Each year is sold to overseas wpc products more than 100 countries and regions, the product quality and product after-sales service is best, We always do the best products, in order to better life! Buy our wpc products, u will enjoy low carbon lifestyle.

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