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Wpc Product Introduce

HomeblogWaterproof Wood Plastic Composite Board
HomeblogWaterproof Wood Plastic Composite Board

Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Board

Do you know wood plastic composite board ,is new material in the building and house decoration industry , the waterproof wood plastic composite board overcome wood floor deform and swell shortcomings , It is accepted by more and more people with cheap price , the product appearance look like wood , but more durable than wood board material .what’s more, wpc life expectancy is wood product 3-4 times ,the product life more than 20 years.

Why Use Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Board

Environmentally-friendly wpc is made using 100% recycled wood fiber , It is twice as strong as other wood board materials. lightweight and easy to work with, wpc is moisture, mold, mildew and insects resistance. at the same time ,wood plastic composite board with lowest price compare with wood , the water absorption below 3% , therefore really suit for bathroom , swiming pool , seaside and other outdoor place , maybe have customer ask , you product can application in seaside , it corrosion resistance ? we answer is yes , the wpc not only corrosion resistance ,but also weather resistance , it can adapt to all kinds of different environments and climate .

How To Installation Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite Board

1, wood plastic composite floor in the process of moving, we must be careful , laid horizontally is best .
2, when WPC in outdoors stacked to make sure smooth, and not on the sun exposure ;
3, the installation should be according to the size of the wood plastic comoposite .
4, the installation need to drill, drilling screws used must use special screws
5, when the width exceeds, needs to be fixed with two screws.
6, when pavement a large area of wood plastic composite , the length of each wpc is not more than two meters.
Our waterproof wood plastic composite board have quality assurance and after-sales service , if you have any problems , please contact with us .

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28 02-2017