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Weather Resistance WPC Tile

There are lots of advantages of weather resistance wpc tile compare other types of flooring. It is these advantages that have lead to the soaring popularity of wpc for home decoration applications:

WPC tile have different size , color and wood grain , but it appearance look like real wood , because wpc have high flexibility compare to traditional wood , as we all know, wood don’t have much color can be option , but wpc with rich color and can be make into you favorite color and size , meet consumer a variety of styles, it difficult to find in traditional wood , easily incorporated into the home’s decoration.

WPC tile are comfortable , barefoot friendly, anti-slip and weather resistance , is really suit for house decoration and and outdoor , at the same time wpc tile can be installed in high traffic areas. such as amusement park , museum and so on , the wpc tile another advantage is it add an extra layer of insulation ,making it a good option for additional sound proofing , therefore when you walk on the tile , wpc tile will not create any noise .

Weather Resistance WPC Tile Benefits :

1. Looks and feels like natural wood.
2. affordable price.
3. high stability and lower coefficient of expansion.
4. waterproof and low moisture absorption .
5. Never have to paint or seal.
6. No formaldehyde.
7. Barefoot safe and anti slip .
8. 100% recyclable after use.

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02 03-2017