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Wpc Product Introduce

HomeblogWhat Is Plastic Wood?
HomeblogWhat Is Plastic Wood?

What Is Plastic Wood?

what is plastic wood

The plastic wood composite (WPC) is a new type of material composed of plastic and plant fiber. Among them, the largest yield is PE and PVC resin based composite. PE-based wood composite has excellent aging resistance. Mainly used for outdoor decoration materials.

The shape look like wood material, but the physical properties are closer to the plastic. First, the performance of the product has been greatly improved. It has made great progress in some new technology, new raw materials, mechanical molds and product processing means, which greatly promoted the improvement of mechanical properties, weather resistance and so on.

Second, the rapid development of the plastic wood market, the whole industry has entered a rapid growth period. With its unique advantages, the products have been recognized by the vast majority of consumers. Especially in some municipal gardens, real estate projects, tourism projects and family decoration, they are deeply loved by the customer.

Third, the standard of the plastic wood products has been greatly improved, make progress has been made in some new product development and new design research. using China’s wood plastic composite manufacturing technology, it has embarked on the international advanced level. It has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the international market of plastic wood products, making China the world’s become largest producer of composite wood materials.

We should be made to further improve the weathering resistance of the products, reduce the weight of the product, develop and improve the accessories used in product installation.

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12 07-2018