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HomeblogWhich Is Better Outdoor Bench
HomeblogWhich Is Better Outdoor Bench

Which Is Better Outdoor Bench

outdoor bench

As we all know we can see all kinds of bench for outdoor, it use different materials, which is better outdoor bench compare with different product ?

1, Wood Preservative
Wood preservative is the natural wood through the addition of anti-corrosion chemical treatment after the sun with a waterproof moisture-proof nature of the wood, they are mainly used to produce park chairs, garden chairs and other outdoor leisure products. General wood preservative wood used for Pinus sylvestris, Scandinavian pine, Ponderosa, hemlock and other small density, wood loose wood.

2, Plastic Wood
Plastic wood is a kind of material that contains plastic and wood properties. It is a material commonly used for outdoor in recent years, very popular in different countries, So what are the advantages of plastic wood vs. preservative wood? In the same quality plastic wood bench is stronger than wood preservative, in terms of pressure resistance and durability is higher than that of wood. And there is a very obvious feature of plastic wood is it high degree of reduction of wood, in appearance is very close to the original wood texture. In addition, plastic wood outdoor bench does not contain formaldehyde, it moisture proof, anti insects and no pollution, so this is why plastic wood is so popular in the world.

The two are relatively, plastic wood outdoor bench is better choice for you. Shanghai Seven Trust industry Co., Ltd. Can supply high quality product and best quotation for you, if you need pls feel free contact with us.

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10 06-2018