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Low Cost White Vinyl Fence

Seven Trust sale low cost white vinyl fence, can to meet the different needs of users, therefore sale over 100 country , our product have a lots of colors and size, meanwhile our vinyl fence product is made from harmless non-toxic substances that are fully recyclable after use. As we all know ,vinyl fence is durable and long lifespan, with high quality and very flexibility. i will not worry about it, such as fade with time, no crack warping and peeling, when meet with heavy storms or other environmental conditions. vinyl fence will look good far longer than wood . Even though vinyl is initially more costly than wood, but vinyl does not need to be painted or treated so the overall cost is generally more cost effective.

Recently the most popular styles of white vinyl fence is privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and so on. the most popular option of fencing is privacy. Privacy fencing is most application in around a pool or house ,Picket fences are some of the most functional and attractive of fences.

White vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free. You will not have to paint , unlike wood fences that need to be painted or stained every couple of years. Since vinyl does not rot ,therefore you will not have to replace boards or posts. You will only need to wash your fence occasionally. Most manufacturers recommend using mineral spirits to clean your vinyl fence. Soap and water or household cleaners can be used just be sure to use products that do not have abrasives that may harm your fence.

Low Cost White Vinyl Fence Has The Following Features:

1. High wear resistance: static friction coefficient is 0.07;
2. Self-lubricating: the surface is smooth, not rough;
3. Impact resistance: good impact resistance without damage
4. Corrosion resistance: resistant to acid, alkali, salt corrosion, etc.
5. UV: effectively extend product life.

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15 03-2017