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HomeblogWhy Choose WPC Floor?
HomeblogWhy Choose WPC Floor?

Why Choose WPC Floor?

Before decorating, floor tile is mainstream all the time. Because floor tiles have rich style, color, and cleaning is very convenient. But with the increase of time, ceramic tiles will be broken, foot experience is also poor, cold, high price and not easy to disassemble.

Now, the WPC floor has naturally become the main role in the decoration of the ground. The floor has several advantages over the floor tile: the floor has a variety of styles, different color, environmental protection and good health, and the floor is wear-resistant and easy to take care of. It is also the choice of many young consumers.

Environmental Protection WPC Floor
Wood plastic composite flooring is made of sawdust and other leftovers, adding chemical substances at high temperature and high pressure, so whether wood plastic flooring is environmentally friendly has become a concern for many people. But this is a misunderstanding, with the continuous progress of technology, manufacturers are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection, WPC floor products formaldehyde emissions are fully in line with the prescribed standards.

With the passage of time, WPC flooring has gradually become the more and more popular of the market, along with the concept of home decoration is also in progress. WPC flooring brand in quality, environmental protection, price-performance and use of many aspects are better than wood flooring.

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27 06-2018