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Why Choose Wpc Flooring

WPC Floor Advantage?

(1) Durability and low maintenance – Wpc flooring is the biggest advantage of its durability and low maintenance. It never needs to be painted, dyed or treated with a protective coating. Unlike wood, wpc flooring will not shrink, rot, deform, crack, so you never have to worry about replacing the damaged board.

(2) never split, wpc flooring is not split, do not add any chemical preservatives, making it a safe choice for children and pet families. WPC laminate flooring is also an environmentally friendly choice for decoration as they are sustainable

(3) looks like wood – from the visual point of view, wpc flooring and ordinary composite panels and the traditional wooden deck is difficult to distinguish. Today’s wpc floors feature natural wood grain patterns and colors.

Shanghai Seven Trust WPC Floor

Unlike the wood deck, seven trust  wpc flooring is resistant to fading, weathering, decay and deformation – it remains the same as the new wpc flooring that also supports a 20-year residential warranty. Our patented manufacturing process uses a variety of cellulosic feedstocks, known as wood flour and PE sources. The result is a more natural and higher mass ratio for a composite board product. Our composite panels are fully recyclable.


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12 07-2017