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HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Flooring
HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Flooring

Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

wood plastic composite floor

Most concrete embankment quayside are used directly, although strong but not comfortably. Laying on of the floor will be much better, not only beautiful but also durable, this does not apply to traditional wood, the wood has long been soaked sea erosion will gradually decay, scrapped. A need for a corrosion-resistant flooring – wood plastic composite, it’s your best option.

Select Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Reasons:

1. Cost less, compared to the laying of concrete, eliminating the need for steel and concrete, it spent time and money is relatively small.

2. Wood plastic composite flooring easy maintenance, it is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, 100% recyclable materials re-use, even if the need to replace the material, the material can still be replaced recycling.

3. Environmental protection, the use of waste and fiber by special process is made of 100% recycled materials, corrosion, wear and impact resistance, long life cycle outdoors, at least 15 years, do not ignore it.

4.Compared to traditional wood fundamentally solve the waste of resources.

5. Wood plastic composite wide applications, not just the use of the pier, family outdoor wall, gazebo park, roadside flower boxes ect.

This is our wood plastic composite flooring at the pier, set numerous advantages in one, essential materials. Shanghai seven trust be able to provide you with cheap wood flooring, has a strong R & D, production and sales team, if you have any problems please let me know.

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23 07-2018