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HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Material Price
HomeblogWood Plastic Composite Material Price

Wood Plastic Composite Material Price

wood plastic composite material price
Wood plastic composite material (WPC) is a new type of energy saving, environmental protection, durable new materials, especially its have wood senses, waterproof, antiseptic, don’t fade, no distortion advantages, is the preferred material in the modern landscape richly endowed by nature. Its main application in outdoor, protect the environment, cherish natural, promote the development of low-carbon economy.

In modern landscape, in order to reflect the original ecological landscape, landscape products mostly wood preservative products. But the faded wood preservative as well as the cause of the dry climate and seasonal changes of cracking phenomenon can not be avoided, natural decay also can hardly be avoided. Therefore, the general corrosion wood basic 3-5 years will need maintenance and replacement once. Which is not conducive to energy conservation, environmental protection, is not conducive to long-term use.

Wood plastic composite material with its unique production process and characteristics of both completely avoid the shortage of wood preservative in landscape application, in the original development of the scenic area have dominate, because of wood plastic composite materials it convenient installation, to reduce the destruction of the natural landscape in the construction process, and thus indirectly to protect the environment.

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05 06-2018