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Wood Plastic Composite Products For Outdoor

In the past solid wood products been dominated in flooring market, because it is made of natural wood production, gives a natural feel, so often used in interior decoration. But with the rise of new environmental WPC, the wood plastic composite products are widely used in outdoor, and the largest wood plastic composite products feature is the ability to be recycled.

WPC is a new composite material, consisting of wood flour, plastics and other chemicals are mixed by extrusion, through extrusion, grinding, embossing after the appearance of the shape of wood, which are superior to the shape of timber Some properties of wood replaces part of the building and outdoor products such as outdoor floor, outdoor flower box and outdoor trash ect.

Wood Plastic Floor For Outdoor
As a low maintenance alternative to timber, composite decking fuses traditional wood appearance with composite technology. Its long lifespan, anti-slip surface and concealed finishings are just a few reasons why it is so popular for both domestic and commercial use, and at seven trust wood plastic composite we specialise in different products option to suit everything from patios and terraces, to balconies and outdoor landscape products. therefore, to a large extent wpc can substitute for solid wood, not only to deal with the problem of protect resources of trees, and has an excellent environmental effects.

Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Flower Box
Wood plastic composite flower box is very suitable for outdoor, the exterior shape look like wood, environmental protection and recyclable, waterproof crack resistance, durable. WPC material has a water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long-life features,compared with the wood, and use of long life, more than 20 years.

Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Trash
Currently outdoor attractions, parks, lake, residential areas, courtyards, most use wpc trsah to replace natural wood, why? Because natural wood after a period of wind and rain, thermal expansion and contraction, mostly cracking and rotting, so use wpc product replaced wood products, maybe many people do not know the existence of this new material, but it also shows the wood plastic composite products for outdoor have broad space of development.

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16 03-2017